Water Department Inspection Information

Water Department Conducting Inspections on City Water Lines

Beginning Tuesday, July 28, the city will begin inspection of all water lines throughout the city. Inspections are expected to take approximately two weeks.

One portion of the test will be completed at night (between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m.) during low water-usage hours by employees of an outside company. Another portion will be performed during business hours.

As water lines run through streets and from streets directly to houses and other buildings, the city would like to make residents aware that persons may enter yards or move through yards between homes to ensure that all areas are tested. The company will be using a utility vehicle equipped with warning flashers and ‘frequent stops’ signage. All employees will have identification available upon request. We appreciate your patience as we conduct this testing.

Additional information:

• Water availability will not be affected.
• We do not have a definitive list of neighborhoods for specific days as inspection times can vary. We will inform residents when all inspections have been completed.
• No persons will be walking directly through backyards and will NOT go through any gates, etc. Any movement through yards would be in the easement/right-of-way between yards.
• Once all inspections have been completed and findings have been determined, the city will evaluate and define the best plan for any issues that necessitate a resolution. Communication to residents will be made as needed.

For additional information contact (937) 847-6076.

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