Solicitor’s Permit

The City of West Carrollton has an ordinance regarding soliciting within the city limits.  This ordinance requires each individual to obtain an application for a solicitor’s permit at the West Carrollton Police Department.  Each applicant is also required to obtain a civilian background check.  Please visit the Attorney General’s website to find out where the background check can be obtained:

Once the background check is completed, the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation form must be returned along with the application and a fee of $50 for the processing of the application.

The Chief of Police, or his representative, shall review the BCI background check and shall have the right to refuse the issuance of an identification card, without refund of the application fee, to any applicant if the investigation discloses any of the following:

  • Conviction in any jurisdiction of a theft offense.
  • Conviction in any jurisdiction of an offense involving moral turpitude.
  • Conviction in any jurisdiction of an offense of violence.
  • Previously been denied or had a revocation of an identification card or permit.
  • Fails to answer any question on their application.

Any person who has been refused an identification card, or if an identification card is issued and subsequently revoked, may, within 10 days after receipt of a rejection or revocation notice, appeal to City Council by filing with the Clerk of Council a signed written statement briefly setting forth his grounds of appeal.

If an applicant is approved, an identification card will be issued.  Solicitations may not be done prior to the issuance of a proper identification card.  The identification card must be worn so it is visible at all times during solicitation within the city.  Solicitation shall be conducted only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Any permit granting approval to solicit in the City of West Carrollton does not imply endorsement of your product and/or organization.

Solicitors Application