Safe Encounter Program

Serving Those That Are At-Risk in Our Community

Safe Encounter is designed to protect at-risk members of our community in emergency
or crisis situations. Family members of those with cognitive disabilities and
communication issues can create accounts that are accessible to our department. Each
profile includes the at-risk individuals name, age, physical description, photos, health
conditions, or disabilities and emergency contact information. From children to senior
citizens, if we find one of these individuals wandering or lost, we can safely return
them to their family, even if communication is not possible.

Please consider registering with Safe Encounter if someone in your charge has any conditions such as:

– Alzheimer’s
– Autism
– Blindness / Loss of sight
– Cerebral Palsy
– Cognitive Disabilities
– Deafness
– Dementia
– Down Syndrome
– Epilepsy
– Psychiatric Disabilities
– Parents with young children so should they ever go missing their information will be in the system


***Register a Dependent Person***

Directions to register:

  • Click Register for an Account
  • Select an Agency (West Carrollton PD)
  • Click Continue
  • Click Register
  • Create Password
  • Click Link in Your Email to Finish Setup Process
  • Confirm Email
  • Log in Email
  • Click “Add New”
  • Create Dependent
  • Add Specific Information
  • Dependent Information will then be approved by a member of the PD