Financial Crimes & Scams

West Carrollton citizens should be aware of the most recent scams involving personal financial crimes. Recently scammers will contact citizens portraying themselves to be a friend or family member or informing them that a loved one is in trouble and in need of immediate financial support. The scammers will often press for an urgent wire transfer through various electronic means and the victims of the scam do not find out until later that it was in fact a scam. It is encouraged to verify and double check all information prior to making any wire money transfers.

Another recent scam performed by scammers has been fraudulent phone calls with scammers claiming to be representatives from the Internal Revenue Service. The scammer will inform the victim that they are past due on taxes and offer to resolve the tax debt immediately over the phone. In fact, the IRS will not contact you over the telephone to inform you of tax debts. You will receive written documentation from the IRS and tax debt should be verified prior to making any payments to the IRS.