Reserve Officers

West Carrollton Police Reserve officers must have their peace officer certificate just as full time officers must have.  The reserve officers shall be governed by the rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and the written directives of the West Carrollton Police Department.

Reserve officer have to work a minimum of twenty four (24) hours a month.  They do not have a set schedule and they can work any of the three shifts.  Reserve officers may be assigned various duties including, but not limited to, second officer in a patrol vehicle, traffic control at accident scenes and parades, security positions at football games and crime prevention details.  Reserve officers are usually working as a second unit in a patrol car.

A reserve officer must complete the state required basic police training course. All reserves shall be governed by the same rules as full-time police officers with the exception that they do not have the right to appeal, in disciplinary actions.  Reserve officer will receive continuous training as full time officers receive.  A reserve officer will complete the same field training process as the full time officers.

Membership shall be limited to twelve regular (active) and six standby (inactive) members. All members shall serve on a volunteer basis, and the compensation for such service shall be one (1) dollar per year, payable annually. All applicants to the reserve program must pass a physical exam, a polygraph test, a psychological test, a thorough background investigation, and a personal interview. Our reserve officers are bonded with coverage equal to that provided to full-time officers and provided with liability coverage equal to that provided to full-time officers.