New Butterfly Garden to be Established in Hintermeister Park with Local Business Support.

Residents of West Carrollton will soon have a new attraction to enjoy with the establishment of a butterfly garden in Hintermeister Park. The project was initiated through a generous grant of $10,000 from local business Domtar, which has a strong record of community involvement and giving back to the West Carrollton community.

City staff developed the idea of creating a butterfly garden to provide a habitat for these important pollinators and create a space for year-round enjoyment by the community. Brunner’s Lawn & Services Ltd, another local business, joined the effort by offering to design, develop and maintain the 30×30 butterfly garden year-round. Additionally, they committed to donate the first of eight expansion plots to the garden in fall of 2023.

Butterfly gardens are essential for supporting the populations of important pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. The gardens are typically planted with nectar-producing flowers and host plants for butterfly larvae to feed on, creating a welcoming environment for these creatures. The West Carrollton butterfly garden will provide a beautiful and educational addition to the amenities of Hintermeister park while promoting biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.

The butterfly garden project started in winter 2022, and the completion is expected to be in spring 2023. The garden layout is designed to be expanded in future years, and it was a coordinated effort between all the partners involved. The first planting and official dedication ceremony of the butterfly garden will be part of West Carrollton’s Community Pride day on May 20th.

Local businesses are encouraged to participate in the “growth” of the butterfly garden by sponsoring or volunteering their time to support the project’s full potential. To participate or learn more about the project, email [email protected].

The butterfly garden project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of local businesses, government, and community members to create beautiful spaces for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

Hintermeister Park address: 1300 Mayrose Drive, West Carrollton OH

Butterfly Garden Gallery