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April 11, 2024

West Carrollton River District

West Carrollton River District

The West Carrollton River District and Whitewater Park’s first phases of infrastructure are set to begin this spring. The River District will feature dining and retail options, along with apartments, condominiums, and a hotel. The Whitewater Park will offer kayaking, river surfing, a lazy river feature, and more.

The first phase of infrastructure work will take place in the vacant land immediately west of I-75 and south of Dixie Drive/Central Avenue. It will include a temporary road, then sidewalks, landscaping, curb, and gutter work along Manchester Road. The widening of Manchester and a revamp of the Manchester-Dixie intersection will be the last parts of Phase 1, which should last until spring 2025.

A second phase would include infrastructure work on the north side of Dixie/Central, in the area of Marina Drive and the Great Miami River. With eventual plans for about 10 new buildings on the south side of Dixie, plus housing on the north side. Final design completion is expected in March, and construction is set to start soon thereafter and last until March 2025.

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