City News

June 9, 2023

West Carrollton City Manager to retire at year end.

WEST CARROLLTON, OH – The Honorable Jeff Sanner, Mayor of West Carrollton and the West Carrollton City Council, with great appreciation, announce that Brad Townsend, City Manager of West Carrollton since 2007, will retire at the end of 2023.

“Brad has brought very effective fiscal management, a robust economic development vision and a solid sustainable plan for the future growth of West Carrollton”, said Mayor Sanner.  “As a council, the working relationship with the City Manager is a critical piece of the ability to progress toward the goals and the vision set out by your elected officials.  We appreciate and respect the relationship and the effort that Brad Townsend has given this City and this Council for the past 16 years.  He certainly has earned his retirement; we are proud of his community stewardship efforts and wish him the best.”

When asked about his accomplishments over the last 16 years, several stood out, but the theme of those was clear, “These accomplishments are truly those of the staff and the community, so they are ‘our’ accomplishments, not ‘my’ accomplishments, said Townsend. “My job as a City Manager has been to remove roadblocks from the departments so they can do their job and implement Council’s vision.”

Notable accomplishments, however, include the Exit 47 reconfiguration, the acquisition of the Roberts Property and the clean-up of the Fraser Paper location at the corner of Elm and Central.  The Exit 47 reconfiguration changed the landscape of West Carrollton making the acquisition of the Roberts property possible, including the Bowman property and other parcels ready for development, and setting the stage for the vision and planning for the River District.  The clean-up of Fraser Paper in the heart of West Carrollton has primed the downtown corner for redevelopment which started with the opening of Miami Valley Sand. The remaining property is currently holding City sponsored community events such as a Summer Concert Series and the regionally recognized Sandmazing event receiving great accolades as a much-needed change in direction and brand for the City, per City Council’s vision.

Since 2007, Townsend expanded the tax revenue as part of a planned fiscal management effort, including the effective and meaningful diversification of the tax base.  Economic development is a keystone of any City’s necessary foundation for success and was a critical piece of Townsend’s early years.

However notable these accomplishments, it seems clear that much of the work done for the last 16 years was an effort to create a sustainable growth plan and a unique set of offerings for West Carrollton as a City.  The culmination of all of those efforts is on the cusp of reality with the River District and the creation of the Whitewater Park on the river.  The first contract in the River District on the former Roberts site at Exit 47 nears completion with Dunkin’ Donuts and infrastructure improvements to the site are out for bid now and expected to begin yet in 2023.  The Whitewater Park design has been initiated and the first phase of the River work on the dam will begin also in 2023.

“With the incredible growth and opportunity on the brink of emerging from years of planning, it makes sense for that next phase of growth and leadership to come from someone who can see it through for the next 16 years,” said Townsend.  “I feel great pride in what the City accomplished these last 16 years with the leadership of Council and the absolute commitment of our City employees to make it happen.  We are poised for great success and I will be watching with delight as it comes to fruition.”

Changing the way West Carrollton views itself and how those from the outside view West Carrollton regionally with a brand improvement, the River District Development, the Whitewater Park and a re-energized events program is taking hold and starting to be realized.  These efforts are some of Townsend’s final important efforts before leaving at the end of this year.

Townsend previously was the City Manager of Carlisle, Ohio and the Assistant City Manager of Springboro, Ohio.  In Carlisle, he was known for his industrial development program, his successful budget strategies and State and Federal funding and financing plans to benefit the roads, schools, City capital improvements and parks.  In Springboro, he privatized many of the City services and managed the new waste water treatment plant as well as secured significant grants and financing for park development.  His first City Manager job was in Mt. Zion, Illinois when he was 24 years old, the youngest City Manager in the State.  He finishes his 36 years in a City Manager position at West Carrollton.

Townsend, originally from Mt. Zion, Illinois, lives in West Carrollton with his wife and son.  He has 3 children and 4 grandchildren and plans to spend more time with kids and grandkids after retirement.