City News

August 24, 2023

Paving Schedule 2023

0d Map Downtown Area

0d Map Lindbergh Blvd Area

0d Map Maplehill Drive Area

Work is scheduled for September 2023.  A 72-hour “no parking” order will be placed prior to work. Work includes milling of the existing roadway surface, placement of chip seal interlayer, paving with new asphalt, manhole adjustments, and pavement markings.

Roads include (see attached maps):

E. Main Street

Alley north of Pease Ave.

Alley north of Home Ave.

Alley north of Catherine Ave.

Ormand Road (south of Lindbergh)

Eda Ave.

Dinsmore Road

Andover Ave. (south of Lindbergh)

Vernell Drive

Brinstead Ave.

Carlin Drive

Maplehill Drive

Maplehill Cir.

Southard Lane

Ivy Hill Cir.

Red Bud Cir.

Note: The bid alternate shown on the map for Andover Ave. (north of Lindbergh) was NOT included in this year’s program.