Common Waiverable Offenses & Their Amounts

STOP — Were you involved in an accident as part of your violation? If yes, you cannot pay out your citation. You MUST appear in court.

STOP – Did you show proof of insurance to the officer during your traffic stop? If no, you cannot payout your citation. You MUST show proof of insurance to the Clerk of Courts before you payout your citation, or you MUST appear in court.

STOP – If your violation is not listed here, it may be a mandatory appearance. If not marked on your citation, please call the Clerk of Courts for further information.

Speed 1-10 over $109.00
Speed 11-15 over $124.00
Speed 16-20 over $139.00
Speed 21 and over Must Appear
Speed over 55 MPH Must Appear
Seat Belt/Driver $90.00
Seat Belt/Pass $80.00
Red Light $119.00
Stop Sign $119.00
Fail to Signal $119.00
Marked Lanes $119.00
Expired License $99.00
Expired Plates $99.00
Lighting Offenses $99.00
Unsafe Vehicle $99.00