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File Your Local Taxes


*The Federal government announced that the Income Tax filing date has been moved to July 15 (from April 15.) All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties. West Carrollton City tax return due dates will follow the IRS 1040 due dates.*


The City of West Carrollton requires all residents age 18 and older to file an income tax return, regardless of whether or not tax is due. Residents age 65 years or older are not required to file if they do not have taxable income. The city’s income tax is 2.25 percent.

For residents who have never filed in West Carrollton before, the easiest way for taxpayers to file their local taxes, is to e-mail their w-2s to the Tax Department at and then the department will prepare and file the tax forms and forward a copy to the taxpayer.

Citizens, who have filed local taxes in West Carrollton before, can either e-mail their w-2s to the or file online. To file online, your account number is the alpha-numeric number directly above your name on your preprinted return.

Link to theĀ Tax Section of the West Carrollton Codified Ordinances.

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