Do I Need a Permit?

Permits: If in Doubt, Check it Out!

While obtaining a permit may seem inconvenient, the purpose is to ensure the work meets code requirements to keep you and your loved ones safe and prevent damage to your property.

There is always something that can be repaired or improved when you own a house. Before you begin any project, on your own or through a contractor, make sure to check with the City of West Carrollton Planning and Community Development Department to determine whether or not a permit is necessary.

More home improvement projects require permits than you might think. Below is a list of common home improvement projects that require permits:

  • Any heating, ventilation, air conditioning or electrical work, except normal maintenance items such as replacement switches, receptacles, light bulbs or fixtures.
  • New construction, including additions or major alterations to an existing building.
  • Residential construction work including new houses, garages, sheds, pools (above-ground and in-ground), decks and fences.
  • Repair or damage to a home caused by fire, water, insects, or vehicle collision.
  • Plumbing – permits are issued by the Division of Public Health, Dayton and Montgomery County. Contact the Health Department at 937-225-4421 for information.
If you want to… Then you need a…
Construct a new house or addition Zoning Review and Building Permit
Construct or alter a deck or porch Zoning Review and Building Permit
Install or alter a swimming pool Zoning Review and Building Permit
Construct or alter an accessory structure over 400 sq. ft.
(i.e., shed or garage)
Zoning Review and Building Permit
Construct an accessory structure under 200 sq. ft.
(i.e., shed)
Zoning Permit
Install or alter a fence or wall Zoning Permit
Remodel the interior of a house or commercial building Building Permit, Electrical Permit, and/or Mechanical Permit
Erect a tent (residential or commercial) Zoning Permit
Occupy a commercial building Zoning Review and Building Permit
Erect or alter a sign (permanent or temporary) Zoning Review and Sign Permit
Engage in temporary outdoor sales Zoning Permit
Demolish a building Building Permit
Operate a business from your home Zoning Permit

Garage Sales

The city does not require a permit for garage sales; however, we do ask that you register your sale with the Planning and Community Development Department. Please see our Garage Sales Brochure for more information and guidelines.  To register, please call (937) 859-5783.