Know Your Code Series


January – Roofs and Gutters


(G)       Roofs and drainage. The roof and flashing shall be sound, tight and not have defects that admit rain. Roof drainage shall be adequate to prevent dampness or deterioration in the walls or interior portion of the structure. Roof drains, gutters and downspouts shall be maintained in good repair and free from obstructions. Roof water shall not be discharged in a manner that creates a public nuisance.

Please ensure your gutters are clean so to prevent ice dams from building thereby causing roof damage and leaks during the winter.


February – Heating


(B)       Residential occupancies. Dwellings shall be provided with non-portable heating facilities capable of maintaining a room temperature of 68°F (20°C) in all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms based on the winter outdoor design temperature for the locality indicated in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J. Cooking appliances shall not be used, nor shall any type/style of portable space heater be used to provide space heating to meet the requirements of this Section.

Space heaters are permitted but only as a supplemental heat source only. See tips below.

Space Heater Tips;

Verify that your space heater has a working safety light, automatic shut-off switch or tip-over shut-off device.

Keep all objects, combustible material, people and pets at least 3-feet away from the space heater.

Never use a space heater in your bathroom. Water and electric appliances don’t mix.


March – Vehicles


          Placement. Except as provided for by another code or regulation of the City of West Carrollton, Ohio. No person shall park, keep, store or allow to remain outdoors on any premises, property or city owned property a motor vehicle or recreational vehicle that:

(a) is inoperable, unregistered, or not displaying a license plate that is current and properly titled to said vehicle; or

(b) is missing parts so as to prohibit said vehicle from legally operating on any public street, road, drive, avenue, alley, highway, public throughway or private drive; or

(c) is in a state of major disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled; or

(d) is being painted or undergoing major repair or body work; or

(e) is covered or tarped; or

(f) meets any of the criteria noted in (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e) above while remaining on an open trailer, truck or other vehicle.