Property Tax Information

The assessment and collection of property taxes are managed and maintained by the Montgomery County Auditor’s and Treasurer’s offices.  The County Auditor establishes the real property value and calculates the property tax for every parcel of real estate within the county.  A general reappraisal is mandated by law every six years (sexennial reappraisal), with an update at the three year midpoint (triennial update).  Property tax was last updated for Tax Year 2023, payable in 2024, and will be reappraised in Tax Year 2026.  After the taxes have been collected by the County Treasurer, the Auditor then calculates how much of the money collected goes to each taxing district and distributes the funds accordingly.

Questions related to a parcel’s valuation or assessed tax rate should be directed to the Montgomery County Auditor’s office – Montgomery County Auditor webpage

Questions related to the payment and collection of property taxes should be directed to the Montgomery County Treasurer’s office – Montgomery County Treasurer webpage


The City of West Carrollton’s portion of the Total Residential Property Tax for TY2024 (121.0 Mills) is 10.15 Mills.

Property Tax Distribution:

West Carrollton School District 67.2%
Montgomery County 19.1%
Miami Valley CTC 3.0%
City of West Carrollton 8.4%
Dayton-Montgomery Library 2.3%


Only $8.40 out of every $100 paid in real estate tax goes for the City of West Carrollton services.

90.61 Mills Effective Rate Commercial/ Industrial TY2024