Amanda Zennie



(937) 344-1762

Job Title

City Council Member

Elected Officials

Amanda Zennie

Term Information: Began first term on 1/1/18, current term ends 12/31/21.

Education: Associates Paralegal Degree, continuing education through The Ohio State Judicial College for a Court Management Program, class of 2020.


Employment: “I started my career at a private law firm in Dayton, Ohio as a Legal Assistant and from there I was hired at Miamisburg Municipal Court as Chief Deputy Civil Clerk and Judicial Assistant to the Magistrate. In May of 2016, I was appointed Clerk of Court of the Miamisburg Municipal Court.”


Why She Serves: “I felt this was the right time to step up and serve my community by being involved in the decision making processes within the city to ensure that we continue to create growth and attract new residents to our community. I want to find ways to maintain our cities financial stability in the current time of city budgets being reduced all while maintaining the superb services our city currently provides. ”


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