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FAQ Topic: Health

Where can I get information about the Public Health Department?

Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County is the public health department for the City of West Carrollton. Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County addresses public health issues such as keeping food, water, and air safe, and keeping incidents of disease low. The Combined Health District works with area hospitals and organizations to provide … Continued

How do I report food safety concerns?

Food safety concerns are handled by Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County. Information can be found at or by calling (937) 225-5700.

How do I get more information about the quality of my drinking water?

The City of West Carrollton issues an annual water quality report in the spring of each year. To request a copy of the current Water Quality Report, please contact the Service Department at (937) 859-8280, or reference the April-June City News newsletter. Check here for more information about the Service Department’s water division.

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