SWAT Team to Conduct Training Exercises in West Carrollton

Posted on August 8, 2019

The regional Tactical Crime Suppression Unit SWAT Team will be conducting training exercises in West Carrollton at two vacant homes on S. Elm St. (402 – 403 S. Elm St.) Tuesday, Aug. 13 and Wednesday, Aug. 14.

These homes are slated to be demolished the following week as part of the city’s Elm St. bridge construction project.

This location provides an opportunity for the SWAT Team to conduct training that involves many of the potential situations that they could encounter in the field. Being able to train in a realistic environment is extremely important in maintaining the necessary skills of the team members.

All training will take place during daylight hours only. These training exercises, while being as realistic as possible, will not involve the discharging of any weapons or the detonation of any explosives.

“On behalf of our regional SWAT Team, I would like to thank our citizens for their cooperation and support of the team’s efforts,” stated Doug Woodard, Chief of Police.

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