Speed Trailer

One of the tools the Police Department has in making the streets of West Carrollton safer is a MPH Speed Trailer, which was obtained by the use of grant money.  The Speed Trailer is equipped with a RADAR antenna, which displays the speed of on coming traffic on a large LCD panel.  It is also equipped with a computer that counts the number of vehicles and records their speed.

We use the Speed Trailer as a way to make drivers aware of the speed they are traveling, while at the same time taking a proactive approach to complaints of our citizens on speeding vehicles.  After removing the Speed Trailer, officer then increase traffic patrol in those areas.

If you would like to request the Speed Trailer to be located in your neighborhood, contact Sgt. David Wessling at (937) 859-3688. There are some restrictions on areas the Speed Trailer can be located, but we will make every attempt to accommodate your requests.

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