Senior Housing Development Opportunity

Posted on November 16, 2020

1450 elm st

West Carrollton City Council is considering and expected to approve an ordinance allowing the City to enter into a sales agreement with MVAH Partners LLC (MVAH) for 5.3 acres of land at 1450 Elm St. MVAH plans to purchase the land to build a Senior Housing Development with an as yet to be determined number of rental homes. “We are excited about the prospect of creating new housing opportunities within our community. We hope to create an environment for seniors to live in affordable, quality homes within the city,” said Mike Lucking, economic development director.

Under the terms of the agreement, the city of West Carrollton will enter into a purchase option agreement with MVAH for 5.3 acres of city owned land located at 1450 Elm St. for a total sales price of $210,000. During the 180-day due diligence period, MVAH will be able to perform inspections of the property and create a site development proposal for the Senior Housing Development.

MVAH will then work with city’s Planning and Community Development Department and Planning Commission to define a Planned Unit Development (PUD) design for the property and seek rezoning of the property by the City. Upon approval by the Planning Commission, City Council will receive the PUD for review and final approval. If approved, the City expects MVAH to break ground in late 2021 or early 2022.

MVAH has focused on developing affordable housing options for seniors age 55 and up for nearly 30 years. Economic Development Director Mike Lucking said, “Our hope is to build a long-term partnership that will benefit our community as a whole.”

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