Self Defense Class for Women


Attention all women ages 14+!  Valor Martial Arts has a class designed for you. This class will give you the tools you need to avoid dangerous encounters, whether it’s on campus, while traveling or in your daily activities. You’ll be taught ‘awareness’ skills, basic escapes and some tips and tricks for navigating your time around the holidays or when you're out and about. This class is designed for women, taught by a woman. You’ll leave this class empowered and confident to begin your young adult or college experience.

Date:        Saturday, November 19
Time:        2 – 4 p.m.
Location:  Valor Martial Arts, 11 N. Elm St., West Carrollton
Cost:         $25 per person – Registration is now closed.

    In consideration of accepting my and/or my child's registration, I, on behalf of said group(s) release any and all rights and claims for damages we may have against the City of West Carrollton and its representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries suffered by myself and any guest of said group(s). I do hereby grant and give these groups the right to use a group photograph or image with or without names, both singly and in conjunction with other persons or objects for any and all purposes including, but not limited to private or public presentations, advertising, publicity and promotion relating thereto. I warrant that I have the right to authorize the foregoing uses and do hereby agree to hold the City of West Carrollton harmless of and from any and all liability of whatever nature which may arise out of result from such uses. For the consideration stated above, I further agree that in the event any person of said group(s) repudiates or attempts to repudiate such release, I will personally indemnify and save harmless the City of West Carrollton, its successors and assigns, for any and all loss and damage occasioned thereby.
    The Enrollee acknowledges as explained to him/her by a Valor Martial Arts LLC (hereafter referred to as VMA) agent the procedures and exercises involved in martial arts/self defense instruction and participation. The Enrollee understands that there is a risk of personal injury involved in said course of instruction and with this knowledge agrees to indemnify and save harmless VMA from all losses caused by accident or injury to the Enrolloee or to third persons who may be Enrollees of VMA in the event that either the Enrollee or said third person is injured in any way during the proper performance and exectution of the martials arts/self defense instruction. Because of the physical demands of martial arts/self defense instruction, Enrollee understands that he/she must be in good physical condition. The Enrollee hereby waives any demand, claim, loss, liability, judgment, or cause of action, of every nature and description, which the Enrollee, his/her successors or assigns have or may have against VMA, its instructors, or assistant instructors arising out of or as a result of the Enrollee's participation in Hapkido/self defense activities or in the course of instruction of martial arts. The Enrollee hereby acknowledges that he/she has read the above waiver and fully understands the contents and nature of the waiver.
  • $25 per person. Each person attending must register separately.
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