Letter from the Chief of Police


Dear Citizens:

The West Carrollton Police Department remains committed to providing our community and its citizens with the best possible service during these trying and unprecedented times.

A few important messages are conveyed below:

Depending upon the seriousness of the situation an officer may respond to a call for assistance in person or make contact via phone. Be assured that regardless of how we respond, our priority is the safety and well-being of our residents.

Governor DeWine’s recently issued "Stay at Home Order" valid through April 6, 2020, provides an outline as to which individuals and businesses are deemed essential and therefore are partially or fully exempt.

Our goal is to patrol the streets of the city as we did before the pandemic. Officers will not be searching for or stopping individuals just because they are out of their homes.

As for businesses; the department will obtain as much information as possible from an open business that outwardly may appear to be non-essential, before taking any action. Our goal is to assist and support our residents and businesses to the best of our ability as we work together to overcome this adversity.

It may become necessary for officers to take enforcement action due to an individual or business demonstrating a wanton disregard of the ‘Stay at Home’ Order. Violation of the order is an arrestable offense however, issuing a summons is the preferred course of action for the officers.

The men and women of the West Carrollton Police Department are facing the struggles of this pandemic just like our citizens. It is my belief that by working together, and having steadfast resolve, we will not only make it through this crisis but become stronger because of it.


Douglas M. Woodard

Chief of Police
West Carrollton Police Department

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