New Recycling Carts to Be Rolled Out

Posted on March 14, 2018

Recycling cartStarting on March 19, West Carrollton residents will receive new 65-gallon, two-wheeled recycling carts to replace the red box-sized bins that have been used for approximately 20 years.

The city’s new contract with Rumpke Recycling aims to address one of the most frequent complaints from the 2015 citizen survey – the inadequate size of the recycling bins.

Service director Rich Norton said he hopes to increase recycling participation rates among residents which will ultimately cover the slightly increased recycling contract cost by reducing the cost the city pays in trash landfill fees.

The new bins are provided at no extra cost to residents. However, residents can rent a second cart for $7.50 per quarter. If a resident moves out of the city, the carts are expected to remain at each address. Each cart has a unique serial number that can be tracked by Rumpke.

The red bins will be permanently removed during the week of April 2 or residents can keep the bins for their own personal use. However, after April 2, the bins can no longer be used for curb-side recycling collection.

“Rumpke appreciates the support from officials and residents to recycle more and trash less,” said Brent Ball, Rumpke municipal representative. “Each rolling cart holds more than three times as much material as a red bin. The carts feature wheels for easy mobility and lids to prevent wind-blown litter.”

A list of acceptable recycling materials can found printed on of the top of each cart and at

Some of the guidelines are as follows:

All paper and cardboard materials are accepted including juice and milk cartons and clean pizza boxes.

Plastic milk, shampoo, laundry, and water bottles are accepted, but not yogurt or drink cups or margarine or lunchmeat tubs.

All glass bottles are jars are accepted, but not window glass, mirrors or light bulbs.

Metal soup and pop cans, as well as aerosol cans are accepted, but not hangers, wire, car parts or pots and pans.

Rumpke emphasizes to never place batteries of any kinds in recycling due to fire risks. Other items such as plastic bags and bubble-wrap packaging, as well as hoses and chains and clothing cannot be recycled because they cause jams in the recycling equipment.

For more information, call Rumpke customer Service at 1 800-828-8171. Call the West Carrollton Utility Clerk at (937) 859-8280


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