City Beautiful Commission

SepSeptember 19 2019

7:00pm - 8:30pm West Carrollton Civic Center

300 E. Central Ave, West Carrollton,
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This meeting will also include the City Beautiful Awards Ceremony in the City Council Chambers.

In addition to recognizing West Carrollton residents and businesses for their yards and flower gardens, the City Beautiful Commission also sponsors the city’s Holiday Festival in the winter, a Community Pride Day in the spring, and a Rake Rally in the fall. The appointed commission also works with local children to plant a tree to recognize Arbor Day.  The commission meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month. For more information about the City Beautiful Commission, call  (937) 859-5182.


 A City Beautiful Commission is established for the city. (Ord. 1707, passed 11-23-71)

The City Beautiful Commission shall consist of fifteen (15) members who shall be residents of the City, or persons who work within the City, and shall be appointed by the Council in such a manner as to provide broad geographical representation.  Members of the Commission shall serve without compensation. (Ord.  3191.  Passed 10-23-01.)
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