EMS Billing F.A.Q.

What is Emergency Medical Services (EMS) billing?

EMS billing is a service fee charged by the City of West Carrollton for ambulance transportation to a hospital facility.

Why does the City of West Carrollton charge for EMS services?

The cost to operate the fire department and emergency medical service has risen over the years and billing for EMS calls helps off-set the expenses.

Who will be billed?

We will bill only the insurance carriers of West Carrollton residents who are insured or have Medicare coverage. In other words, if you live in West Carrollton and do not have health insurance, we will not bill you. We will bill all non-residents even if they are not insured.

Who receives the ambulance bill?

For those who live in West Carrollton, the ambulance bill goes directly to third-party payers. Third-party payers include Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurers. No bill should ever be sent to persons living in West Carrollton even if third-party payers do not pay.

For those who do not live West Carrollton, the initial ambulance transport billing goes to a third-party payer, if available. If the bill is not paid by Medicare, Medicaid or a private health insurer, we will bill the individual.

You may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier. This is not a bill. Your insurance carrier may not reimburse the city for the full fee, but if you live in West Carrollton, you are not responsible for this difference.

What if I have any questions about my bill, who do I contact?

MediCount Management

10361 Spartan Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45215


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