Elm Street Bridge Reconstruction Delayed Until 2020

Posted on June 14, 2019

Elm St. BridgeThe Elm Street Bridge reconstruction project that was expected to begin in August has been delayed until 2020.

Only one contractor submitted a bid for the work, and the bid was 12 percent over budget. In hopes of reducing the costs, the city will rebid the project and plan to complete the reconstruction during the summer of 2020.

In May, AT&T replaced a utility line that was attached to the Elm Street Bridge and rerouted the line under Owl Creek. After the initial excavation work, additional temporary road closures were necessary to complete the line-splicing phase of the project.

The next steps in the project include realigning the other utilities that are currently adjacent to the bridge including water, sanitary sewer, Vectren and DP&L utility line relocations.

Two houses have been purchased by the city and will also need to be demolished.

In order to meet federal flood plain protection requirements, the bridge will need to be expanded from 23-feet to 78-feet.

When under construction, the Elm Street bridge is expected to be closed for approximately three months. The city hopes to limit the construction to the approximate time that the West Carrollton City School District is on summer break. Gibbons Road will be open during the construction and used for the detour.

Deterioration and corrosion on the bridge has required heavy-load limits and a reduction in pedestrian access.

The project is being paid with state funds that include a 50-percent grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission and a 50 percent no-interest loan, according to Rich Norton, service director.


For more information, contact Rich Norton, Service Director, at (937) 859-5184.

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