Elm St. Bridge Inspection Requires New Limits

Posted on August 18, 2017

Elm Street BridgeIn July, the city received an annual bridge inspection report that showed increasing deterioration and corrosion on the Elm Street Bridge.


Based on the inspection report, which was conducted by contractors for the Ohio Department of Transportation, the city has posted reduced load limits. The pedestrian access to the sidewalk on the east side of the bridge, where the deterioration is worse than the west side of the bridge, has also been closed.

“Elm Street has always been posted as a ‘no truck’ route,” said Rich Norton, service director.


“After the 2015 inspection report, a 20-ton load reduction limit was placed on the bridge and signs were put in place depicting this limit,” Norton said. “Now, the 2017 report requires further restrictions.”


The new report requires a load limit reduction to 13 tons for 2-axle vehicles, 14 tons for 3-axle vehicles, 15 tons for 4-axle vehicles, and 16 tons for 5-axle vehicles. The driving lanes are marked with posts so that traffic is limited to the center of the bridge where the less-deteriorated deck structure is located.


The city recently submitted a grant application to the Ohio Public Works Commission to attempt to obtain funding to replace the bridge. A preliminary design report estimated total construction costs at $1.37 million. If funding is approved, the city hopes to finalize design in late 2018, with construction during the summer 2019.




For more information, call Rich Norton, service director, at (937) 859-5184.




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