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Clue in the Parks Event Information Coming Soon!

Clue in the Parks Game

We are recreating the popular board game ‘Clue’ in our parks! Our villain, Count Covid, has wreaked havoc on our programs, and someone from the City has had enough. Can you figure out whodunit?

Four parks will have clues hidden throughout, providing details about the location, the suspect, and the type of weapon (not a real one!) that will help you solve the crime.

Download a ‘Clue’ card from our website, and cross out all the clues you find. The clue in each category that remains will give you the answers to the game. Submit the answer online as an entry in our raffle for a chance to win a grand prize! One entry per family.

Clues will be on signs placed around each of four parks. Each park will have a total of three clues.

Download the Clue board here to take with you while solving the mystery.

Please do not reveal the answers to others once you figure it out!

The grand prize winner will be contacted and announced on May 25.

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