City Council Opposes State Collection of Business Taxes

Posted on March 1, 2017

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the West Carrollton city council approved a resolution that opposes a section of Governor John Kasich’s 2018-2019 budget proposal.

The governor’s budget proposes centralized collection of local business taxes through the Ohio Business Gateway.

City officials contend that this provision would be costly, result in loss of oversight over its own companies, and cause a delay in access to the revenue.

“This is a clear attack on the home rule powers granted to municipalities by the Ohio constitution,” said Mayor Jeff Sanner.

Sanner said the state budget decisions have had a significantly detrimental effect on West Carrollton.

“We are now operating with approximately $1 million in less revenue than we did before the state began diverting revenue,” he said. “Decisions such as the decreasing the local government fund, eliminating estate taxes, repealing tangible personal property taxes and approving House Bill 5, have had a dramatic effect on our bottom line.”

Sanner said the city has been cooperative the state’s effort to streamline tax codes. However, this proposal jeopardizes another major revenue source and will further limit a city’s ability to provide services without making cuts or transferring the loss to its citizens.

The council has also invited Ohio Representative Niraj Antani and State Senator Peggy Lehner to attend a future meeting to discuss the issue.


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